About Us

About UsYou’re looking for the best dog training, right?

Local Dog Trainers” is founded with the objective of enhancing the quality of life and relationship between parent and pet. We’re proud to have a diverse, experienced, and enthusiastic dog training and animal care team committed to you and your dog. We come from all walks of life and absolutely love what we do. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your dog.

We specialize in training dogs with no treats, no clickers and no special collars. Our dog training team’s goal is to get you the best dog owning experience you’ve ever had. Our clients once finished with our training refer us to their friends and family so that they too can have that amazing dog everyone wants.

No matter the city or state one of our professional dog trainers will always use the proper method to fix your problem. Our methods have been documented by veterinarians and animal activist across the country, making our dog training the next best thing to your dog actually speaking to you. All our employees have extensive experience and expertise in handling dogs of every size, age and temperament and will be here to ensure that your dog has the best possible experience at our facility every time they come.

Just like human learning, dogs learn best when certain basic principles are followed, when learning is fun, and when they are set up to succeed. We focuson teaching your dog the preferred behavior as a solution to the action she is doing that you don’t like, instead of just waiting for him to do something wrong and correct him.

We offer many different types of training and customize each program to suit both owner and dog. Call us for more information at (561) 123-1234 on how we can help solve your problem.